Stultifera Navis - Missions - Little Helper Components

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Stultifera Navis - Missions - Little Helper Components

Little Helper Components

The [Little Helper] is a combat support mechanism of the event. By exploring the map players can obtain components that expand the functions of the [Little Helper] and provide buffs for battle.

  • Each component contains two functions, but only one of them can be enabled at a time. 
Part Unlock Cond Function 1 Function 2
Part 1 None +40% healing for melee units ranged units have +80% MHP, +250 def
Part 2 Collect 500 event currency deployable removes vestige deployable bounces between walls, stunning and dealing damage
Part 3 Collect 900 event currency All Operatos gain +1 block stun/cold/freeze have +80% duration when applied by operator
Part 4 Collect 1600 event currency vestige spreads half as fast vestige deals 80% less arts damage, no sanity damage
Part 5 on first deploy, vg/guard/def/spec ops +40% atk on first deploy, caster/sniper/medic/support ops +35 ASPD


1 Clear SN-1 LMD x20000
2 Clear SN-2 Main Hall Curtain x1
3 Clear SN-3 Movable Soft Chair x1
4 Clear SN-4 Lumen x1
5 Clear SN-5 Finely Carved Marble Staircase x1
6 Kill a total of 80 Deep Sea Predators (excluding the training level) Cutting Fluid Solution x1
7 Clear SN-6 Skill Summary - 3 x10
8 Clear SN-7 RMA70-12 x4
9 Clear SN-8 Cylindrical Ceiling Light Set x1
10 Kill a total of 40 deep sea splashers (excluding the training level) Oriron Block x1
11 Clear SN-9 Stultifera Navis Conference Table x1
12 Clear SN-10 Shore Rescue Modification x1
13 Clear SN-EX-1 Strategic Battle Record x10
14 Clear SN-EX-2 LMD x20000
15 Remove 10 tiles of vestige with the [Saint's Hand] in EX-2 Crystalline Circuit x1
16 Clear SN-EX-3 Strategic Battle Record x10
17 Have a maximum of two operators come into contact with vestige in EX-3 Keton Colloid x1
18 Clear SN-EX-4 Coagulating Gel x4
19 Have a maximum of three operators come into contact with vestige in EX-4 Optimized Device x1
20 Clear SN-EX-5 Module Data Block x1
21 Have a maximum of one operator suffer sanity pop in EX-5 White Horse Kohl x1
22 Clear SN-EX-6 Strategic Battle Record x10
23 Stun 10 enemies with Saint's Hand in EX-6 Manganese Trihydrate x1
24 Clear SN-EX-7 LMD x20000
25 Clear EX-7 with a max of three "Little Helper" components Incandescent Alloy Block x1
26 Clear SN-EX-8 Plaque - Patience x1
27 Clear EX-8 with Wishbutcher acquiring at least 5 buffs Polymerized Gel x1
28 Clear SN-S-1-A LMD x20000
29 Clear SN-S-1-B Strategic Battle Record x10
30 Clear SN-S-2-A LMD x20000
31 Clear SN-S-2-B Strategic Battle Record x10
32 Clear SN-S-3-A LMD x20000
33 Clear SN-S-3-B Strategic Battle Record x10
34 Clear SN-S-4-A LMD x20000
35 Clear SN-S-4-B Strategic Battle Record x10
36 Clear SN-S-5 Bipolar Nanoflake x1
Total Rewards:
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