Attack Type




Deals Arts damage

Operator Description

Steward, Caster Operator of Rhodes Island, will make way for the squad with his Originium Arts.

Operator Quote

Mr. Nice Guy of Reserve Squad A4.

Obtain Approach

Recruitment & Headhunting
Headhunting: Yes Recruitment: Yes
Release Date (CN) 4/30/2019
Release Date (Global) 1/16/2020
Recruitment Pool Date (CN) 4/30/2019
Recruitment Pool Date (Global) 1/16/2020


Potential Item

Steward's Token A trendy sport armlet. Looks like it's a simple version with only one color.


ATK +3%; Attacks enemies with the highest DEF first
ATK +6%; Attacks enemies with the highest DEF first
Talents from Module Upgrades


Arts Resist
Redeploy Time
DP Cost
Attack Interval


SP Cost:
Initial SP:
SP Charge Type
Skill Activation
Skill Effect
Increases the ATK of next attack to 150%
Increases the ATK of next attack to 155%
Increases the ATK of next attack to 160%
Increases the ATK of next attack to 170%
Increases the ATK of next attack to 175%
Increases the ATK of next attack to 180%
Increases the ATK of next attack to 190%
Detailed Skill Info
atk_scale (Attack Scale) 1.5
atk_scale (Attack Scale) 1.55
atk_scale (Attack Scale) 1.6
atk_scale (Attack Scale) 1.7
atk_scale (Attack Scale) 1.75
atk_scale (Attack Scale) 1.8
atk_scale (Attack Scale) 1.9

RIIC Base Skills

Negotiation Lvl: 1
Room Type:
Trading Post
When this Operator is assigned to a Trading Post, order limit +5 and Morale consumed per hour -0.25
Room Type:
When this Operator is assigned to a Factory, productivity +25%

Quick Evaluation

+ Talent: Prioritize attacking enemies with the highest Defense
+ Decent single target Caster who will always go for high DEF first
+ Good when overwhelmed by mobs hiding a tank, or when you want to take down a high-DEF drone, since he will target them first
+ Good Skill
- Everyone gets Amiya, who is a good single target Caster that needs to be promoted eventually to progress.

Operator Overview

“Caster Steward reporting in. I’m glad to be working with you.”

Guide, servicer, and part-time model (no, seriously, check his bio), Steward isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. In fact, this is his biggest advantage on the battlefield. Steward looks like an ordinary DPS Caster at first glance, but his Talent, Armor Break, inspires him to specifically target the highest-DEF enemy in his range. This is valuable because Arts damage ignores DEF, and so high-DEF targets are usually the ones you want your Casters to attack first.

Steward’s kit is beautifully simple. His Armor Break Talent gives him a passive ATK buff and inspires his unique A.I. targeting. Then, every few seconds, his Power Strike α Skill automatically amps up the damage of his next strike. Together, this means his DPS is quite a bit higher than his base ATK power would suggest, and his A.I. means he’s usually going to be leveraging it on the best targets in his range.

Targeting alone does not a strong Caster make, however. You can make any Caster target a high-DEF enemy simply by killing everything else first. Steward’s unique A.I. is usually only important when a high-DEF enemy (i.e., an armored drone) sneaks up to you amidst a bunch of other foes, and you need that enemy to die right away. In most other cases, Steward’s limited potential (as a 3* unit, he lacks an E2 promotion) makes other Casters a stronger choice. However, when his specialty is needed, he can be quite uniquely useful to your strategy.

Plus, who doesn’t want that killer smile in their lineup? No wonder he’s a model!

Newbie Tier List Explanation

You'll want to E1 him for the base anyways, and his targeting ensures he hits the units that you actually want your Caster to attack.

Integrated Strategies Tier List Explanation

General IS Notes

+ Cheap-ish to deploy.
+ Decent consistent Arts damage.
+ 0 Hope Cost.
- Doesn't scale amazingly past early game, though he can still work.

IS2 Specific Notes

Good Relics

Golden Chalice
Wrath of Siracusans

Relic Interactions

Offensive SP recovery skills benefit massively from ASPD boosts. Additionally, S1 can greatly capitalize on Anger of the Siracusans.

Recommended Promotion

E1 Max recommended, as it is a pretty low investment.

Base Skill Analysis

Steward gains his second RIIC Skill upon reaching Elite 1.

Is it worth it? Yes. A solid factory buff, and his first Skill isn’t very useful.  If you are running 2-5-2 or 1-5-3 you will want this for sure. Like Spot, Steward will pay for himself in under a month - not to mention his combat abilities could potentially be useful as a niche low-rarity Operator due to his unique talent.

Operator Featured Articles

Skill Upgrade Costs

Level Requisites Materials
1 ➝ 2
2 ➝ 3
3 ➝ 4
4 ➝ 5
5 ➝ 6
6 ➝ 7

Overall Skill Cost

Elite Upgrade Costs

Level Materials

Overall Elite Cost

Total Cost

Operator Profile

Artist Yī Lì Lǐzi
CV Chihiro Suzuki
CV (EN) Gregg Lowe
CV (CN) 张沛
CV (KR) 韩万重
Gender Male
Place of Birth Kjerag
Birthday December 24
Race Vulpo
Height 172cm
Combat Experience
Half a year
Infection Status Infection confirmed by medical examination.
Physical Strength Normal
Mobility Standard
Physiological Endurance Normal
Tactical Planning Normal
Combat Skill Standard
Originium Adaptability Standard


Steward is a member of Reserve Op Team A4 and a citizen of Kjerag. Before he officially took the position, he worked as a freelancer. After an exceptional performance on his tests, he received permission to join Rhodes Island and now serves on the reserve team.
He shows promise in the areas of Arts support, navigation, and combat support.

Clinical Analysis

Increase Trust to 25.
Imaging tests have shown the outlines of his internal organs to be indistinct due to abnormal shadows. Originium granules have been detected in his circulatory system, confirming him to be infected with Oripathy.

[Cell-Originium Fusion Rate] 9%
He presents no obvious external symptoms of Oripathy.

[Blood Crystal Density] 0.3u/L
Infection has progressed to mid-stages. Currently there is no evidence of spreading.

Archive File 1

Increase Trust to 50.
Steward was born in the southern territory of Kjerag and spent his childhood being educated at home. He has a calm temperament that stands out amongst his peers and has a certain talent for Originium Arts. However, given the snowy environment and the high cost of studying Arts, this talent went uncultivated and was left buried in the heavy snow drifts of Kjerag.

Archive File 2

Increase Trust to 100.
The southern territory of Kjerag has long acted as the exit point for all of Kjerag. When the Silverash family declared a new economic policy, merchants from Columbia, Leithanien, and Rim Billiton launched several investment plans. During this period, Steward took the initiative to become a guide and local servicer for the business activities of merchants from all over the world. He also worked part-time as a model to help market goods. The brand new goods coming out of Columbia left a deep impression on Steward, and Steward's excellent service has garnered the praise of many merchants.

Archive File 3

Increase Trust to 150.
Snow Blue Wand
Quality Guaranteed by: Director of the Leithanian Arts Society

Manufacturer: Rudolf Bros. Wand Workshop
Product Number: ADD-143.
The Snow Blue wand used by Steward.
Proof of a Caster's mastery of Arts. Its handle has been engraved with the words 'Mythic Future.'
When you use it, you can hear the whistling of snow.

Voice Lines

Appointed as Assistant Welcome back, Doctor. Steward at your service.
Talk 1 Steward is my surname, as well as my Operator codename. Doctor, I'm sure you can tell from it what my ancestors did for a living.
Talk 2 I didn't expect to see another from my clan here. Is she looking for someone? I know how that feels... Oh, never mind.
Talk 3 People often say our fur has the 'color of snow.' Doctor, have you ever seen snow?
Talk after Promotion 1 Lava has a very distinct fighting style. I thought she was going to cast with her book, but her real Arts Unit is a dagger. Her style reminds me of the mystic who taught me Arts.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 It is my honor to work for you, Doctor. But if possible, I do hope you pay some extra care to Melantha. She's always alone…
Talk after Trust Increase 2 Adnachiel is a mysterious one... No one can tell what he is thinking.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 Ansel... It's okay... I stopped caring about my identity as an Infected long ago. In fact, I received a lot of help because of it. Before the infection takes away what's dear to me, I will use it to create a place where everyone can live in peace.
Idle Are you tired? Do take a good rest, Doctor. Rhodes Island will need your skills tomorrow.
Onboard Caster Steward reporting in. I'm glad to be working with you.
Watching Battle Record I have learned a lot. Thank you.
Promotion 1 I'm glad that you are satisfied with my work. Instructor Dobermann will be happy too.
Added to Squad What can I do for you?
Appointed as Squad Leader Cardigan, always read the situation before you act.
Depart Well, I'll be sure to bring you some good news.
Begin Operation They probably won't make it to tomorrow.
Selecting Operator 1 Awarting orders.
Selecting Operator 2 Gladly!
Deployment 1 Got it.
Deployment 2 Understood.
In Battle 1 Freeze!
In Battle 2 Down you go.
4-star Result With the right strategy, we'll make it through any tight spot.
3-star Result A perfect victory. Good work, everyone!
Sub 3-star Result Ansel, please check the casualties for me. We must prepare for the next battle.
Operation Failure Did we make a mistake somewhere...?
Assigned to Facility Is that you, Cardi— WAI-WAIT! WAIT! Don't touch the equipment!
Tap Hmm?
Trust Tap Doctor, is there anything I can do for you?
Title Arknights.
Greeting Awaiting your instructions, Doctor.