Castle Pop-Up Book

Lvl: 50
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Attacks deal Arts damage; When unable to find a target, attacks can be stored up and fired all at once (Up to 4 charges)
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
atk 82
magic_resistance 4
Talent Information
Stored attacks deal 138% damage
Stored attacks deal 142% (+4%) damage
Unlock Information
Defeat a total of 30 enemies with Iris (excluding Support Units)
Clear Main Theme 2-2 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Iris, and have Iris defeat at least 2 Heavy Defenders


Module Description

'Miss Iris, I... don't believe in your job.'
While helping transport the children's keepsakes to Iris's dormitory, Joaquin is unable to stop himself. The instant he says it, he regrets it. But Iris isn't upset in the slightest, but instead conscientiously asks: 'Why is that?'
'I heard a fairytale, growing up in Victoria. About a witch wandering the land, filching children's most precious things, locking them away in a castle in the woods... Of course, never to return. The collection fills the witch's empty heart, but the children carry their regret and resentment into adulthood.
It scared me like you wouldn't believe. All night I clutched the necklace my mother made for me for my birthday, a beautiful little pentagram. The witch never took that though. Instead, she took my mum, my dad, my entire village... Catastrophes from nowhere, flames of war that never went out... Miss Iris, there's no castle like you say, not in Victoria, not even in fairytales.'
Finally, Joaquin asks: 'Miss Iris, did you leave anything of yours to the castle, when you were young?'
It's a difficult question to answer, and Joaquin knows it. It's like asking a magician if their head really does come off from their body. If little creatures really do come out of their hat. Those who create Dreamland exist detached outside of it, they don't believe in it. She could easily lie, of course, and tell you she believes.
'It was the castle itself,' Iris says with almost no hesitation. 'I dreamt of it when I was quite young. It was grand, full of different rooms, each one filled with towering cupboards, all specially made. They could lock away time itself, and nothing would ever rot or fall apart inside... And because of that, I'd never lose anything beloved to me ever again. After I awoke, Grandmother made that castle I dreamt of into a pop-up book, and I kept it safe. Later on, she took me to the castle, and shockingly, it was exactly as both my dream and the book. And that book went into the very first shelf of the very first room. It was then that she asked me, you know, if I'd be willing to serve as the castle's master, and bring help to all the children.'
Joaquin is sure Iris isn't lying; he's confident in his observations after being with Rhodes Island for so long. Even if what she says is so... unimaginable. She doesn't think herself a cheap conjurer—she *is* the creature in the magic trick, dwelling in the realm of fairytales. Joaquin supposes that's why the children aboard all trust her. As he speaks, his hands are still busy helping her stow away the sweetie boxes and toy models by size.
'Sorry for bringing up something so pointless, Miss Iris.'
'Your necklace there...'
Joaquin looks down at the silver star nestled in his chest, now tarnished into an entirely different color over the years.
'Mr. Joaquin, you are your own Castle.'