Standard Color Chart

Lvl: 50
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
When there are ground enemies within range, ASPD +8
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
atk 26
attack_speed 3
Talent Information
Poisons the targets when attacking, dealing 85 Arts damage to them per second, lasting 3 seconds
Poisons the targets when attacking, dealing 95 (+10) Arts damage to them per second, lasting 3 seconds
Unlock Information
Deal a total of 80,000 damage with Blue Poison (excluding Support Units)
Clear Main Theme 3-4 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Blue Poison, and only Guard Operators are allowed for the remaining members


Module Description

The dessert craze at the Rhodes Island cafeteria has gone on for close to a week now. These past few days, dinner hours have ended with numerous operators unwilling to leave, sitting at already cleared-out tables looking around in anticipation of that day's confections.
An operator who wishes to remain unnamed (and is not a Lateran) confesses to us: 'I didn't believe them at first, when they said off-menu desserts kept showing up in the canteen recently. Then last night, my very idea of desserts got completely upended.'
We only half-believed it ourselves when we squeezed into the dessert section and pulled out what looked like an extremely ordinary 'lemon' from amidst the cakes. Not normally eaten whole, we cut the fruit open and got the familiar lemony scent, and even saw its glistening juices flow out from the cut. However, once we tasted the tart-yet-sweet, faintly milk-flavored layers of cake that made up the 'pulp' inside, like the other operators we were blown away by the chef's ingenuity and maestro-level craft.
We attempted to interview the few operators that typically make their way in and out of the cafeteria kitchen, but all of them smiled and refused to answer our questions. In the end, with Operator Ceobe serving as an avenue for our breakthrough, we finally obtained enough leads to discover the maker... no, the artist of these desserts.
We found the operator in question at the Medical Department. She was busy at the time, and could not spare us an interview.
As Operator Honeyberry (who just so happened to be free) informed us, the chef has recently been busy assisting Medical with developing pharmaceuticals more appealing to children.
A significant number of child patients are aboard Rhodes Island, and the question of how to improve their compliance in taking medication has always vexed our medics. Many children instinctively make a show of resistance when faced with liquid or tablet doses that they hate the taste of. The vast majority of Medic operators can imagine that the simple addition of sugar wouldn't rid a drug of its strange flavor.
As of now, though, Medical has developed several successful formulations with this operator's help. Making use of her precise grasp on flavor and color, she's not only been able to conceal the uniquely offputting taste of these drugs, but has taken full advantage of the opportunity, using these medical flavors as a base to create aromas that make your mouth water. Following strict safety tests, these preparations have been provided to the children to immediately fantastic results. According to the little patients, taking medicine on time has suddenly become something to look forward to.
(Underneath this news article is written in small font: She didn't want us to publish this draft out of shyness, and used more desserts to bribe us to that end... I mean, we couldn't not listen to her!)