Super Baseball Suit

Lvl: 40
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
DEF +20% when blocking an enemy
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 150
def 70
Talent Information
DEF +15%
Unlock Information
During battle, have Cuora use Shell Defense a total of 8 times (excluding Support Units)
Clear Main Theme 2-10 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Cuora, and cannot include any other Defender Operators as members


Module Description

Aww, naps are so comfy and warm, and when I wake up I can go see the baseball game... Cuora blissfully turns over on the deck.

Huh, where am I? Why's the sun a baseball, and why are all the clouds mitts? ...Before her sprawls the baseball field she knows so well, where she once swung her bat to her heart's content. Hmm? Someone's crying outside the field, and they've got crystals growing all over their chest, and their baseball got broke in half and they dropped it next to them.
Hello, why are you crying? Oh, I think I know you from somewhere? You're that ball player Ambrois Edwards, right? Look, I wrote your signature on my bat! But I guess I misspelled it as Edgards, heheh!
...But he pays no attention to her, and continues to weep. The people on the field shoo them out, shouts of anger becoming baseballs pelted at them, striking against the Originium crystals on the player's body. He covers himself tightly with clothing, and gradually becomes a giant, solid, silent stone, losing all light.
Cuora puts her backpack on him, and tells the player she'll take him to Rhodes Island, where they'll be sure to turn him back to normal.
They climb over a hill of helmets stacked high, cross a bridge made of bats, ride a baseball through the sky—
Once the figure of the landship reveals itself before them, Cuora gleefully shouts, look! We're here! You can get treated here, and you won't need to be scared of getting chased off the field, and you won't have to use clothes to hide the rocks, and then they'll keep cheering your name in all cities everywhere—you're Ambrois the Invincible!
...The player seems just as happy, and he emerges from the crumbling stone, and reaches an arm out, and waves a bat—

Phew... hey! Who hit my head?!
Lava, lemme tell you about this really long dream I had! It was about... um, what was it about?
Who cares! C'mon, the ball game's about to begin! And Mister Ambrois finally came out of retirement for this one!

...In the Infected neighborhood, a few railings hem an empty lot, which the people have taken to calling a baseball field.
Cuora sees her idol. The freshly unretired player isn't hiding the crystals on his body, and the cheers drown out all other noise. She jumps and leaps in excitement.
Abruptly, out on the field, Ambrois waves a hand at her, and steps out of the crowd to give her a light pat on the shoulders. Here in the sun, Cuora sees a smiling face.
At this moment, she recalls that kind of a long time ago, she was driven off the baseball field for her own Oripathy. That day, she wandered the streets from end to end, and ran across a weeping ball player.
She can't quite remember who it was. She can't quite remember what she said, either.
But the player before her right now says this to her: 'Thanks for those words of comfort you gave me, li'l missy.'