Private Collections

Lvl: 40
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Cannot block enemies during the skill duration, but grants +1 Block to an Operator in front of this unit
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 150
def 35
Talent Information
All Vanguard Operators recover 30 HP per second while this unit is deployed
All Vanguard Operators recover 33 (+3) HP per second while this unit is deployed
Unlock Information
During battle, have Myrtle use Support β a total of 10 times (excluding Support Units)
Clear Main Theme 6-3 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Myrtle, and cannot include any other Vanguard Operators as members


Module Description

Discovered extremely important treasure missing while tidying vault. If anyone finds it, would appreciate it returned to me. THANK YOU.
(A handwritten addendum follows.)
Durin says this doesn't actually tell anyone what I lost, so I should add some details about the treasure.
DESCRIPTION: Tiny, thin card, my name written on it, usually kept in a beautiful card holder. Best thing I ever got on the surface.
(Handwriting changes color at this point.)
How can no one have seen my treasure or my vault? Impossible! But Durin says I have to write about it.
Every child of First Avenue keeps a vault where they stow their valuables away. For example, a door bolt you can use as a gun. (The evil neighbors on the commercial street started copying that, the scoundrels.) As Generalissimo of First Avenue and Third Commercial, my collection was naturally the richest, enough to move anyone who saw it, not to mention the fine collection from the surface...
Durin stole my pen just now. Said I write too much about nothing and to get to the point. Who cares about her! Why isn't she asleep yet?
EXAMPLE FROM COLLECTION: Tablecloth that never ever gets dirty (my first treasure). Apparently made of materials my dad invented. Paint and draw all you want and it stays clean. Mysterious! I had to listen to my dad go on forever before I understood how it worked. It looks a lot like a flag, so I decided I would campaign everywhere with it. People back home teased me about it, but it stands witness to my great journey as Generalissimo. I didn't think twice before taking it with me to the surface.
My lost treasure is about on par with that tablecloth.
(Newer handwriting follows, ink still wet.)
It's not about the apple! Yes, the apple is a treasure too, but I didn't lose it, I loaned it to Engineering!
ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENT! The missing treasure was the first thing I obtained when I came aboard, and the operators said it marked me as a member of Rhodes Island. I didn't put any stock in it at first, but came to find that that's just how great Rhodes is: there are new things all over, the operators are wonderful and listen to what I have to say and trust my talent as a generalissimo, and I can be of help to everyone too. And most importantly, nobody laughs at my flag, and the Doctor loves it!
I'm very happy at Rhodes Island, and that thing has become important to me, and now a treasure.
I hope that finally clear things up.
'Myrtle, would that treasure you lost happen to be your... work ID?'
'That does ring a bell or three... oooohhh, I remember! Yes, that's it!'
'Um... isn't it right there on your chest, then?'